Workshop Faqs

Here is a list of some common questions that Teachers have when booking a Workshop:

Workshop FAQs

How long is the Workshop?
Workshops are around 90 minutes long. Younger students typically do best with a shorter presentations, with more hands-on activities. Older students enjoy looking at pictures, and hearing more about the Bog. We take age group, interest level, and teacher requests into consideration when giving our workshops to make sure that students are having fun, and we leave them with happy memories!

How do I get my classroom ready for you?
Yes. Workshops work best when students are separated into desk groups of 4 or 5. Our presentations require the use of a projector and screen. Access to a laptop is preferred. We also need an extra table at the front of the room for props.

Are the Field Trips Interactive? Will you be bringing in any props from the Bog?
Yes! We have games, demonstrations, and items from the Bog. We will bring some plant, water, and soil samples from the bog to share with your students. Things can get a little messy sometimes, so prepare your students to get their hands dirty.

Can you present to 2 classes at once?
No. Our workshops work best when there are a maximum of 30 students in the room. We have prepared games and activities that won’t work with more than one class of students. We find that students have the best learning experience in group sizes of 30 or less.

How do you make sure your workshop is appropriate for each age group?
Our staff are familiar with the Core Competencies for each grade level, and take into consideration the age group that we will be presenting to. We adapt each workshop to suit the needs of each class.